PhD Programme

ISS offers a four-year programme leading to the internationally recognized degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Since the inception of the programme in the 1980s, over 100 PhD Degrees have been awarded by the ISS.

All PhD researchers are firmly embedded in one of ISS' four research programmes.

PhD defence ceremonyUntil July 2009, ISS was legally entitled to to award its own PhD degrees. Now that the Institute has joined Erasmus University in Rotterdam, its PhD students will formally receive an Erasmus University PhD Degree.

About 90 students are enrolled in the PhD programme, all in a different phase of their doctorate. Most of them are at work in their own office in the ISS building, refining their research proposal, based on one of the ISS’s research themes, or conducting a literature search, or they are in the final phase of writing their thesis. Those in the second year of the programme are away doing fieldwork.

Students benefit from access to a multidisciplinary faculty working on different aspects of development problems, combined with fieldwork under local guidance and with institutional support.

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