Two new articles by Professor Rolph van der Hoeven

Two articles (in Dutch) on the future of development cooperation

Article in Vice Versa

The first article appears on the Vice Versa - the Dutch journal for development cooperation.

Rolph van der Hoeven answers five questions on the future of Dutch development cooperation.

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Article in MeJudice

MeJudice is economic debate forum. In his article entitled 'Pleidooi voor één minister van handel en ontwikkelingssamenwerking' Rolph van der Hoeven and his co-author Frank den Butter argue that globablization has lead to the need to have one single ministry dealing with trade and development cooperation.

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About the author

Rolph van der Hoeven

Rolph van der Hoeven is professor Employment and Development Economics at ISS. His work concentrates on issues of employment, inequality and economic reform

Publication date: 06 November 2012