Rolph van der Hoeven participates in the first Jos van Gennip Senate Symposium

Rolph van der Hoeven was one of the speakers at the symposium to discuss a new international development agenda of balancing green development, growth and equality.

The symposium was held on 7 November in the Dutch Senate building in The Hague.

Partly in English and partly in Dutch, the speakers and discussants talked about a number of issues.

The Geman Minister for Environment Peter Altmaier and Pieter van Geel, former deputy minister  for Environment in the Netherland emphasized the need for statesmanship and strong  regulation to drive a green agenda while  the deputy secretary general and chief economist of the OECD, Pier Carlo Paduan, warned of faltering world growth if European and American leaders did not arrive at better cooperation. 

Jan Willem Gunning of the Free University in Amsterdam urged for the maintainance of capital flows to LDCs, even within the context of financial turmoil and ISS Professor Rolph van der Hoeven stressed that current financial globalization is leading to greater inequality, also between capital and labour, which which in various countries is reducing changes of lower income classes to fully benefit from  education opportunities, seen by many  as one of the future pillars of growth.

About Jos van Gennip

Jos van GennipJos van Gennip is a former member of the Dutch first chamber with responsibilities for foreign affairs, defence and develpment cooperation

Publication date: 08 November 2012