ISS Reorganization

Sequence of events this week

I can confirm that you will receive your placement letter on Monday at your home address. This letter will be accompanied by an information letter which describes the following steps and also provides a link to our website for more documentation and information and indicates who are the first contacts for questions. The documents will be released on the website after working hours on Monday and are provided of course both in Dutch and English. This documentation includes the reorganisation plan itself as well as other relevant documents.


The proposed implementation date for the reorganisation is the 1st July of this year, assuming that the required consultation process has been completed with positive results by then (a timetable is provided in the reorganisation plan).


It is important to emphasise that while the management responsibility for certain support services will be taken over by the Shared Service Centres on 1st July not all processes and procedures will change on that date. Nor does it necessarily mean that colleagues whose place of work moves to Rotterdam, will have moved by that date. Each shared service centre will make arrangements in the coming period up to 1 July to agree with ISS how and when the transition will take place.  You will be kept up to date with the transition arrangements as they are  being made. More details about this transition are provided in the document “Implementing Change Together” which is one of the documents you will find on the website.


Up until at least the 1 July therefore, the ISS support and academic organisation will continue as now, with the same colleagues and in accordance with the current procedures.


In the coming 3 weeks we will provide opportunities to ask questions and find answers in a number of different ways. The most important are as follows:


(1)     All our support staff are invited to a lunch time meeting on this coming Wednesday 13th March at 12.30 in the aula. The meeting will concentrate exclusively on the questions which our support staff have and will provide the first opportunity to meet with Shared Service Centre directors, all of whom we are happy to say will attend. In addition all HOTO’s will be there as well as IB. The agenda is for the first 45 minutes general questions and answers; followed by 1.5 hours break out sessions (in other rooms) per ISS office with the HOTO and SSC director. Later on, but before 1 July individual meetings will be arranged for each staff member with their HOTO and the new manager.


I ask our support staff to make every arrangement so you can to attend this meeting on Wednesday. The HOTOs will support you with this.


(2) Paul v/d Kieboom from SSC HR will be present every afternoon at the ISS, for at least a week. Details are given in the aforementioned information letter. We encourage support staff to address any question they may have about their individual situation to him. He will try and give you an immediate answer or otherwise may redirect the question to someone else within EUR or ISS who can provide the answer.


(3)    We will shortly arrange for an all staff meeting for academic staff, in particular to discuss the proposed academic organisation and in the meantime I ask you to address your initial and personal questions to Renée de Louw. 


By splitting the responsibilities for support and academic staff we hope we will be able to give people quick responses.


(4)    On Wednesday my open door session will take place immediately after the first part of the support staff meeting. Anyone who wishes to do so is very welcome to come to my office from 13.30 onwards. If you cannot make that time, or someone else is with me, please make an appointment via Avril for another time.


We have now got to the point where we can provide all the necessary information to you and formally request the IC for an advice on the proposed reorganisation. I would like to thank you all for you great patience in this long period of waiting and also once more to express my appreciation for the hard work that continues to be done daily in order to achieve our mission and provide our students with the education we have promised.


Best regards,


Leo de Haan

Publication date: 11 March 2013