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Accommodation and student life

Guaranteed housing

ISS offers housing to all students for the first 12 months of the study period during which classes take
place. Living together with your fellow students provides an excellent opportunity to get to know each other well and to build solid, often lifelong, friendships. Moreover, it enhances the overall academic community and additionally, living in ISS student residences has the benefit you can immediately focus on your studies considering your housing is already arranged. [read more]

Accommodation offered

ISS has reserved rooms in 5 student residences. All accommodation offered by ISS meets the same basic quality standards. Of course they vary in terms of location, size and atmosphere. [read more]

Rental prices

The rent is between 374,89 EURO – 532,50 EURO* per month for a single room. It includes: furniture, linen set, blanket and cushion, fully equipped kitchen, internet access, the use of electricity, water and heating, insurances and municipal taxes. Prices are in line with common practice for furnished rooms in the Netherlands. [read more]

Registration for a room

Students who have confirmed their coming to the ISS with the International Office (studentoffice@iss.nl), receive an email about accommodation 1 to 2 months prior to arrival. [read more]

Tenancy agreement, receiving keys and payment

Once you have arrived at ISS you will receive the keys of your room, the tenancy agreement and house rules. The first payment can be made during the first month. The rent of the other months has to be paid before the first day of the new month. For students with certain scholarships other rules apply. [read more]

Bringing your partner

If you want to bring your partner you can apply for a double room. We have a very limited number of double rooms available, so we can’t guarantee there is one available for you. Also children are not allowed in the ISS residences. [read more]

Having guests

Please keep in mind that it is allowed you have a visitor in your room during the day, but it is not allowed to lodge or reside him in the room. This because ISS is obliged to comply with the local government rules and regulations, fire prevention regulations. [read more]

Alternative housing

When, for various reasons, you are not interested in the ISS accommodation, you are free to make housing arrangements yourself. This can be the case when for instance, you want to bring your partner or family, want to live more individual or don’t want to commit to a 12 month tenancy agreement. Unlike some other cities in the Netherlands, The Hague has relative enough (student) accommodation on offer. [read more]


Do you have any questions or comments about housing? Do not hesitate to contact the ISS EUR Housing Team through sending an e-mail to housing@remove-this.iss.nl.

Student life

Most ISS students have never been to the Netherlands before. Others may have only limited knowledge of the life in this country. [read more]