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 Development & ChangeCurrent Issue Volume 47, Number 2 March 2016





Original Articles




Clara Capelli and Gianni Vaggi

Why Gross National Disposable Income Should Replace Gross National Income

Benjamin Neimark, Sango Mahanty and Wolfram Dressler

Mapping Value in a ‘Green’ Commodity Frontier: Revisiting Commodity Chain Analysis

Nicola Banks

Livelihoods Limitations: The Political Economy of Urban Poverty in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Jong-Woon Lee and Kevin Gray

Neo-Colonialism in South–South Relations? The Case of China and North Korea

Luca J. Uberti

Can Institutional Reforms Reduce Corruption? Economic Theory and Patron–Client Politics in Developing Countries

Filip Reyntjens

Legal Pluralism and Hybrid Governance: Bridging Two Research Lines

Tatiana Argounova Low and Mikhail Prisyazhnyi

Biography of a Road: Past and Present of the Siberian Doroga Lena

Alice Evans

‘For the Elections, We Want Women!’: Closing the Gender Gap in Zambian Politics

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