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 Development & ChangeCurrent Issue Volume 47, Number 1 January 2016





Original Articles




Japhy Wilson

The Village that Turned to Gold: A Parable of Philanthrocapitalism

Tom Widger

Philanthronationalism: Junctures at the Business–Charity Nexus in Post-war Sri Lanka

Hazel Gray

Access Orders and the ‘New’ New Institutional Economics of Development

Sinclair Dinnen and Matthew Allen

State Absence and State Formation in Solomon Islands: Reflections on Agency, Scale and Hybridity

Festus Boamah and Ragnhild Overå

Rethinking Livelihood Impacts of Biofuel Land Deals in Ghana

Abhi Dattasharma, Rajalaxmi Kamath and Smita Ramanathan

The Burden of Microfinance Debt: Lessons from the Ramanagaram Financial Diaries

Amit Basole

Informality and Flexible Specialization: Apprenticeships and Knowledge Spillovers in an Indian Silk Weaving Cluster



Review Essays




Michael Neocosmos

The Sociology of Crisis and the Crisis of Sociology: Academic Marxism and the Absence of a Thought of Politics in South Africa

Ravni Thakur

The Marginalization of Tibetans in Tibet: Rethinking the Development Story


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