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 Development & ChangeCurrent Issue Volume 46, Number 6 November 2015





Original Articles




Alfredo Saad-Filho

Social Policy for Neoliberalism: The Bolsa Família Programme in Brazil

Koki Seki

Capitalizing on Desire: Reconfiguring ‘the Social’ and the Government of Poverty in the Philippines

Isabelle Guérin, Bert D'Espallier and G. Venkatasubramanian

The Social Regulation of Markets: Why Microcredit Fails to Promote Jobs in Rural South India

Chuan Liao, Christopher Barrett and Karim-Aly Kassam

Does Diversification Improve Livelihoods? Pastoral Households in Xinjiang, China

Christian Dreger, Tongsan Wang and Yanqun Zhang

Understanding Chinese Consumption: The Impact of Hukou

Mariz Tadros

Contentious and Prefigurative Politics: Vigilante Groups’ Struggle against Sexual Violence in Egypt (2011–2013)

Andrew Bowman

Sovereignty, Risk and Biotechnology: Zambia's 2002 GM Controversy in Retrospect



Review Essays



Ben White

Great Transformations Writ Small: The Power of Ethnography

C.P. Chandrasekhar

A Window of Enlightenment? Revisiting Bretton Woods to Reinterpret the History of Hegemony

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