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 Development & ChangeCurrent Issue Volume 47, Number 3 May 2016





Original Articles




Jonathan R. Strand and Kenneth J. Retzl

Did Recent Voice Reforms Improve Good Governance within the World Bank?

Nora Stel

Languages of Stateness in South Lebanon’s Palestinian Gatherings: The PLO’s Popular Committees as Twilight Institutions

Tom De Herdt and Kristof Titeca

Governance with Empty Pockets: The Education Sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Karen M. Siegel

Fulfilling Promises of More Substantive Democracy? Post-neoliberalism and Natural Resource Governance in South America

Nicolas Lemay-Hébert and Syed Mansoob Murshed

Rentier Statebuilding in a Post-Conflict Economy: The Case of Kosovo

Cindy Horst and Anab Ibrahim Nur


Governing Mobility through Humanitarianism in Somalia: Compromising Protection for the Sake of Return

Sandra F. Joireman and Laura S. Meitzner Yoder

A Long Time Gone: Post-conflict Rural Property Restitution under Customary Law


Review Essays

Philip Morowski

The Zero Hour of History: Is Neoliberalism Some Sort of ‘Mode of Production’?

Tania Murray Li, Alexandre Pelletier and Arianto Sangadji

Unfree Labour and Extractive Regimes in Colonial Java and Beyond

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