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 Current Issue Vol. 45, issue 5 September 2014

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Alaka M. Basu

Demography for the Public: Literary Representation of Population Research and Policy

Ben Page

‘And the Oscar Goes to… Daybreak in Udi’: Understanding Late Colonial Community Development and its Legacy through Film

Kevin P. Donovan

'Development’ as if We Have Never Been Modern: Fragments of a Latourian Development Studies


Debate:The ‘Labour Question’ in Contemporary Capitalism

Amrita Chhachhi

Introduction: The ‘Labour Question’ in Contemporary Capitalism

Jan Breman and Marcel van der Linden

Informalizing the Economy: The Return of the Social Question at a Global Level

Saumyajit Bhattacharya

Is Labour Still a Relevant Category for Praxis? Some Contemporary Discourses on Work and Labour in Capitalism

Guy Standing

Understanding the Precariat through Labour and Work

Barbara Harriss-White

Labour and Petty Production

Eli Friedman

Alienated Politics: Labour Insurgency and the Paternalistic State in China

Ben Selwyn

Capital–Labour and State Dynamics in Export Horticulture in North-east Brazil

Ana Cecilia Dinerstein

The Dream of Dignified Work: On Good and Bad Utopias



Partha Chatterjee

Interviewed by Aditya Nigam



Annie Gagiano

Illuminating Africa: Commemorating and Reassessing the Work of Chinua Achebe (1930–2013)

Tim Forsyth and Craig Johnson

Elinor Ostrom’s Legacy: Governing the Commons and the Rational Choice Controversy

Emre Özçelik

Albert O. Hirschman: A ‘Beamish’ Social Scientist for Our Grandchildren



Sunil S. Amrith

Currents of Global Migration

Kade Finnoff and Arjun Jayadev

Rethinking Labour Market Policy: Alternative Manifestos

Codrina Rada

‘Another Such Victory and We are Undone’: Addressing Fallacies of Reasoning in Contemporary Policy Making

Matías Vernengo and Kirsten Ford

Everything Must Change so that the IMF Can Remain the Same: The World Economic Outlook and the Global Financial Stability Report

Jan Nederveen Pieterse

Protest Begets Progress, Probably: Human Development Report 2013

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