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 Development & ChangeCurrent Issue Vol. 46, issue 2, March 2015



Kirsten Sehnbruch, Brendan Burchell, Nurjk Agloni and Agnieszka Piasna

Human Development and Decent Work: Why some Concepts Succeed and Others Fail to Make an Impact
Tim Forsyth Ecological Functions and Functionings: Towards a Senian Analysis of Ecosystem Services
Michael Pröpper Emerging Markets for Nature and Challenges for the Ecosystem Service Approach
Giulia Piccolino Making Democracy Legible? Voter Registration and the Permanent Electronic Electoral List in Benin
Valerie Freeland Rebranding the State: Uganda’s Strategic Use of the International Criminal Court

Ayaz Qureshi

AIDS Activism in Pakistan: Dwindling Funds, Evasive State

Zhun Xu

The Achievements, Contradictions and Demise of the Rural Collectives in Songzi County, China
  Review Essays
Clive L. Spash The Future Post-Growth Society

Joan Martinez-Alier

Climate Justice
  Acknowledgement to Reviewers

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