Louk de la Rive Box

Louk de la Rive Box was professor of geography at Utrecht University, director of the Adaptive Agricultural Research program at Wageningen University, past president of the European Association of Development Research and Training Institute(EADI), the European University Association for the study of Society, Science and Technology (ESST) and One World Netherlands, and director of development policy planning at the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Center for Development Policies. He also worked for Columbia and California State University after which he returned to the Netherlands to be part of a planning team for the restructuring of Dutch Higher Education.

Currently, he is Professor of International Cooperation and rector at the ISS, honorary professor of international co-operation at Maastricht University, member of Sussex University's STEPS Advisory Board and of the World Connectors, board member of the international journal Global Governance and The Broker, and member of the board of the Graduate Institute for International Relations and Development Studies (IHEID).



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