Lucille Mair

Lucille Mair (1924 - 2009) was well-known for her historical study of women in Jamaica. She was as ambassador to the United Nations. Lucille Mair became Secretary-General of the World Conference of the United Nations Decade for Women held in Copenhagen in 1980 at the mid-point of the Decade for Women.

In 1983, she was invited to serve as Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on the Question of Palestine which was held in Geneva and she also became a special adviser to UNICEF on Women's Development. She was also as first woman to hold the title of Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations.

She was interested in women’s rights, in particular health. She argued that 'If a woman's health is not good, she more than likely holds a subordinate status in her society.'

Dr. Lucille Mathurin Mair was accorded the highly deserved honour of fifth recipient of the CARICOM Triennial Award in 1996, and she is also a Founding member of development alternative with women for a new era (DAWN).

The Institute of Social Studies awarded its honorary doctorate to Lucille Mair in 1988.




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