Refresher courses

Refresher course Tanzania, September 2017

Refresher course in Dodoma in Tanzania in September 2017 organize by by Professor Leo de Haan (ISS), Professor Adalbertus Kamanzi (IRDP), and Mr. Teun van Dijk (ISS).

The 2-week course is entitled The role of the Local Government Planner ensuring Local Economic Development towards Food Security. The course is development in partnership with the Insitute of Rural Development Planning.

Full course details, eligibility criteria and how to apply.


Refresher course or Tailor-made training in your country

You may be interested in organizing a Refresher Course or a Tailor-made training initiated by a Dutch institution or by NFP, MSP, NICHE/NPT alumni. The courses contribute to the institutional development of the alumni's employing organizations and prolong the impact of the original training.

EP Nuffic’s NFP/Niche/NPT programme has funds available for a group of alumni or an alumni association to organize a Refresher Course. Please find more details on the EP Nufic website.


Please discuss your ideas for a two week training course with other alumni and contact ISS through