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D&C Annual Lecture 2016

'After development: surplus population and the politics of entitlement'

Development and Change Annual Lecture delivered by Professor Tania Li at the Development Studies Association conference in Oxford, UK in October 2016.

Interview: After development: surplus population and the politics of entitlement

Professor Tania Li in conversation with Murat Arsel, co-chair, Development and Change.


Current issue

Development and Change



Volume 47, Number 6 November 2016

Special Issue edited by: Christian Lund, Michael Eilenberg

 Rule and Rupture. State Formation through the Production of Property and Citizenship

Special Issue Articles


Christian Lund

Rule and Rupture: State Formation through the Production of Property and Citizenship

Erin Collins

Repatriation, Refoulement, Repair

An Ansoms and Giuseppe Cioffo

The Exemplary Citizen on the Exemplary Hill: The Production of Political Subjects in Contemporary Rural Rwanda

Sarah Byrne, Benedikt Korf and Andrea Nightingale

Making Territory: War, Post-war and the Entangled Scales of Contested Forest Governance in Mid-Western Nepal

Jacob Grajales

Violence Entrepreneurs, Law and Authority in Colombia

Christian Lund and Noer Fauzi Rachman

Occupied! Property, Citizenship and Peasant Movements in Rural Java

Michael Eilenberg

A State of Fragmentation: Enacting Sovereignty and Citizenship at the Edge of the Indonesian State

Veronica Calvo

The Construction of the ‘Self’ in Conflicts around Land in Contemporary Tarabuco (Bolivia)

Markus V. Hoehne

The Rupture of Territoriality and the Diminishing Relevance of Cross-cutting Ties in Somalia after 1990

Adam Baczko

Legal Rule and Tribal Politics: The US Army and the Taliban in Afghanistan (2001–2013)

Kasper Hoffmann, Koen Vlassenroot and Gauthier Marchais

Taxation, Stateness and Armed Groups: Public Authority and Resource Extraction in Eastern Congo

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