Committee of Recommendation

The following ISS alumni strongly recommend the ISS Alumni Fund to other alumni:

Mr. Márcio Favilla Lucca de Paula (Brazil)

Executive Director for Competitiveness, External Relations and Partnerships at the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), based in Madrid, Spain

MA Regional Development Planning, 1985/1986

Mr. Ben Eghan (Ghana)

Secretary to the Cabinet of the Republic of Ghana

Diploma in Development Administration and MA in Public Administration, 1974 to 1976

Ms. Marcelina Bacani (Philippines)

Assistant Director-General, Regional Development Office, National Economic and Development Authority, The Philippines

MA Regional Development Planning 1984/1985

Dr. Roodal Moonilal (Trinidad and Tobago)

Minister of Housing and the Environment, Member of Parliament,
Republic or Trinidad and Tobago

MA Labour and Development, 1991/1992 and PhD 1995 – 1998

Mr. Edgar del Villar Alvelais (Mexico)

Advisor to the Minister, Ministry of Economy, Mexico

MA Regional Development Planning, 1989/1990


Mr. Wilfred Davidar (India)

IAS Officer Government of Tamil Nadu

MA Public Policy and Management, 2005/2006