When you have received your ISS admission letter and want to register as PhD researcher, you should follow the instructions set out in the admission letter. The admission letter refers to the following documents:

  1. Conditions that apply to register on a part-time basis or as a non-resident researcher
  2. Training supervisory plan
  3. Hospitality agreement

If you plan stay in the Netherlands during the PhD trajectory, you are requested to:

  • Inform ISS if you need a residence permit (for yourself or for family members travelling with you to the Netherlands) and whether you want to make use of the health insurance by the company that has been selected by ISS. Please note that you are obliged to have a health insurance with worldwide coverage when you stay in the Netherlands.
  • Organize your housing in the Netherlands. Duwo or Verra Real Estate are companies selected by ISS which can offer you housing upon availability.

Once all requirements are met, you will receive a confirmation of your registration.


You can ask your questions and return the forms to the ISS admission office (