Palace Noordeinde in pictures

In 1951, Queen Juliana generously offered part of the royal Paleis Noordeinde to house NUFFIC and the newly formed Institute of Social Studies. At the outset, ISS was very much a pioneering venture, finding its way in development studies and the pedagogic needs of its subject matter. While originally conceived as a teaching Institute, already by 1954 it became apparent that it should also be research-based, making teaching and research two complementary outputs. The first batch of twenty students (most from South and East Asia) attended a two year MA programme, while shorter courses were soon introduced as Post-Graduate Diploma Programmes.

The Palace building was ideally suited for the Institute and the ISS community in the early years. A residential college, students with common interests lived and worked together, with social get-togethers every evening and the Rector and his wife living on the premises.

  • A picture of the Noordeinde Palace as it was when the ISS was housed there from 1952 to 1979.

  • The menu card for the dinner to celebrate the commissioning of the ISS on 10 October 1952.

  • A classroom.

  • The Fifth Congress of the International Political Science Association, September 1952. Registration desk.

  • Tea and cakes and a chance to socialize.

  • Dinner in the Palace Noordeinde was a very formal affair with waitress service.

  • Second Annual International Charity Ball, 9 February 1957.

  • Students playing chess.


  • Students training in fire drill.

  • Using a fire extinguisher.

  • Students collecting money for the the Inundation Disaster Fund, 5 February 1953.

  • In the garden of the Palace in June 1962 (Thanks to Adhish Haldar for this photo).

  • An advertisement for the Postgraduate Diploma course in Public Policy held from September 1969 to May 1970.