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East African Alumni Social Science Publishing Symposium

Mid November 2017

ISS alumni in Uganda, together with Dr Helen Hintjens (ISS), have recently won a NUFFIC grant for a 3-day alumni event.

The event is a combination of a one-day Symposium on 'Publishing Social Science in East Africa' (open to a wider audience) and a two-day Authors’ Workshop on 'Winners and Losers in Gendered Development'.

Authors' Workshop

The Authors' Workshop, is open to alumni researchers and others in their networks. On the first day, publishers, ISS, Embassy and Nuffic staff will reflect on social science publishing in the East African region.

Planned for mid-November 2017, this event will bring together what is hoped to be the first of a 6-title series in Social Studies by East African researchers. Publishers attending the Symposium will share insights into the publishing business.

During the Workshop, draft chapters will be presented and feedback received from peers and senior discussants.

The event brings together those from the policy world, the private sector, academia and NGOs. Colleagues from Refugee Law Project, School of Law of Makerere University and Nsamizi Training Institute for Social Development – co-applicants for this grant - will be central in planning, facilitating and realizing the goals of this Alumni Event.

More information

For additional information please refer to Veronika Goussatchenko.


Accra, Ghana, 11, 12 and 13 December 2017

Topic: Food Security and Land in West Africa

Coordination: Dr Oane Visser, Dr Julien Francois Gerber and Monserrat Budding-Polo

Counterpart: IHS Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies and University of Ghana

Open to NFP alumni working and living in Ghana

Registration deadline: 1 October 2017  


This alumni event will address food security in the West Africa region, and Ghana in particular, in the context of climate change, with a focus on land.

The agriculture sector employs over 80% of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa. Agriculture is the main source of food and income. It is mainly based on rain fed crops, with rainfall becoming less and more unpredictable. The high population growth (3.1%) in recent years has put pressure to increase crop productivity. Food security in Ghana and West-Africa at large is correlated to improved crop productivity for smallholder farmers and linked to better access to land and tenure security. In the most productive agricultural areas, where population density is the highest, and land availability increasingly scarce, the competition over land is growing. This situation puts access to secure rights in jeopardy for groups with a more marginalized position (women, youth and the poor), while competition with herders becomes more violent.

The event aims to allow decision makers to develop targeted policies on land management and food security according to local needs and to include stakeholders and farmer’s knowledge in the development of sustainable food chains in Ghana and West-Africa at large.


NFP Alumni (Alumni from Dutch Universities, which had an Netherlands Fellowship Programme grant), living in Ghana can apply, when they have;

- Interest in policy-oriented social science on food security and land governance and a wish to be linked to an international community of professionals addressing these issues;

- Academic and professional background relevant to the event’s theme (e.g. in food security, agriculture, land management, sustainable rural development); - Interest in maintaining a relationship with the Dutch Higher Education Institutions; Further;

- We aim at a representation of a diversity of sectors (Government, NGOs, Academics, Private Sector); -

Women are particularly encouraged to apply;

- People with on the ground experience with food security and land management (e.g. extension officers, representatives of farmer associations/movements or of land management committees) are particularly encouraged to apply;

How to apply?

Please register through this link Your application has to be submitted before 1 October 2017. You will get a notification whether you have been selected for the event before the end of October.