Alumni testimonials

Alumni testimonials 2019
I was taught by professors who are leaders in their respective fields and contribute to on going socio-political projects
Whenever I face difficult problem later in my life, I always remember what my supervisor (Dr Roger Tangri) told me, “Just break your problems into small pieces”.
Studying in ISS inspired me to work in the development field and the coursework in ISS laid the basis for my current career as a consultant in this field
ISS is a place to learn about development in theory and in practice and share development stories from many other parts of the world
The lecturers and staffs at ISS are highly professional and made me feel comfortable although I had to live in completely different place than my home country.
ISS helped me to refine my research and writing skills as well as taught me to think critically and question why things are the way that they are
ISS has given me exposure and so much to be proud of going into the world of politics of issues around food, agrarian and environment.
I have the opportunity to discuss with students from various countries on topics relevant to developing countries
ISS allowed me to be in touch with different cultures and professional backgrounds, with incredible human beings – lecturers and classmates- truly devoted to development and with critical and defiant views.
It broadened my horizon of thinking and provided me with the skills needed for a multicultural environment.
I consider it one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My classmates and teachers were from all parts of the world
The school and faculty offer the most open and encouraging atmosphere for not only a great education opportunity but also the foundation to set one up for lifelong pursuit in knowledge and humanity
The knowledge and skills gained throughout different courses were immensely useful, with the right balance of theory and practice, making it very helpful to implement on the job.
It has also been a cultural experience meeting people and making good friends from all over the world.
I look at the problem in hand with multiple lenses gained during the study at ISS, to arrive at an optimum solution.
My course at ISS helped me to be more critical on policies related to social enterprise and self-employment
My study at ISS helped me to see things more critically as well as broadly, both macro and micro perspectives for development

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