Advocacy in context

Humanitarian Governance webinar series
Assistant professor

Dr Margit van Wessel

Thursday 30 Sep 2021, 16:00 - 17:00
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The Humanitarian Governance (Hum-Gov) research project explores the changing dynamics of humanitarian governance in DRC, Ethiopia and Colombia, with a focus on civil society actors and crisis-affected people.

During our monthly Hum-Gov Webinar series guest speakers will contribute with different perspectives around humanitarian governance, accountability, advocacy and alternatives.

Our guest speaker for the upcoming seminar is Dr Margit Wessel, Assistant Professor at Wageningen University & Research.

Her presentation will offer a space for discussion on how advocacy literature commonly assumes stability and a liberal state, and a standard set of strategies to work with. While in recent years attention for advocacy in authoritarian or ‘hybrid’ contexts has increased, advocacy in fragile settings has received almost no attention. Drawing on her recent research, Margit van Wessel will explore the diverse ways in which advocacy can contribute to humanitarian governance in such diverse settings, and how the nature of advocacy can be different in these settings.

About the speaker

Dr Margit van Wessel works on advocacy, civil society collaborations and advocacy evaluation. Publications focus on capturing and doing justice to the complex nature of advocacy work, the diversity of contexts in which advocacy happens, and the diversity of actors involved. Helping to reimagining how to ‘do development’ starting out from people living and working in diverse contexts is a key aim in her work.

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