Politics and policies for supply-side climate change initiatives

Friday 18 Jun 2021, 15:00 - 18:00
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Webinar examining the political economy of supply-side climate policies. 

These policies are being designed and advocated by diverse and vast coalitions and include a variety of instruments at different scales to achieve the ambition of making dramatic cuts in carbon dioxide emissions

‘The solution is clear: fossil fuels must be kept in the ground.’ 101 Nobel Laureates’ Statement to Climate Summit World Leaders, 21/4/2021

The challenge is to articulate political positions, institutional structures, and policy tools that can help formulate a range of concrete, realistic and widely applicable proposals to substantiate the potential of supply-side climate policies to contribute to the transformation of the global economy.

The webinar will offer the opportunity to preview and discuss the articles for the forthcoming Global Environmental Politics Special Issue on Supply Side Climate Policies.


Introduction and Welcome - Lorenzo Pellegrini and Murat Arsel

Assessing Pathways toward an International Agreement to Leave Fossil Fuels in the Ground - Peter Newell and Harro van Asselt

Stifling climate ambition: Addressing the influence of fossil fuel incumbents on climate policy development - Georgia Piggot and Claudia Strambo

Connections and Contradictions in supply-side climate politics: Mapping Anti-Coal Blockadia movements globally - Roy Brototi, Tonny Nowshin, Alice Owen, Andrea Cardoso, Daniela del Bene, Daria Rivin, Joan

The Politics of Fossil Fuel Supply and Climate Leadership in Norway and Canada - Guri Bang and Kathryn Harrison

Beyond the Yasuni-ITT Initiative: new perspectives on supply-side climate strategies in the Ecuadorean Amazon - Carlos F. Mena and Consuelo Fernández-Salvador

Counting carbon or counting coal? Anchoring climate governance in fossil fuel-based accountability frameworks - Fergus Green and Declan Kuch

Unburnable fossil fuels and Climate Finance: How much is needed? - Martí Orta-Martínez, Lorenzo Pellegrini and Murat Arsel

Guaranteeing the Future: Using Growth-Linked Loan Guarantees to Accelerate Decarbonization - Alexander Gard-Murray

What drives fossil fuel supply cuts? Evidence from a global database and impacts for a supply side international agreement - Päivi Lujala, Nicolas Gaulin and Philippe Le Billon

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