The role of grassroots accountability activism to safeguard labour migrants' rights in the pandemic era

Humanitarian Governance webinar series - episode 6
Assistant professor

Dr Nimesh Dhungana

Wednesday 19 Jan 2022, 17:00 - 18:30
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What are the opportunities and limitations for grassroots accountability activism to assert the political potentials for a 'just recovery' for labour migrants in post-COVID-19 Nepal?

About the presentation

In this presentation, 'Demanding a just recovery from below: The role of grassroots accountability activism to safeguard labour migrants' rights in the pandemic era', Dr Nimesh Dhungana draws on  his ongoing research that looks at the role of youth-based activism in challenging inequalities and rights violation facing labour migrants in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis in Nepal.

Using the lens of disaster politics and drawing on some preliminary evidence, he will explore the possibilities and challenges of such activism in constructing alternative narratives of care and justice and forging newer alliances to hold the State accountable to the voices of the returnee Nepali migrants.

The presentation will also explore some theoretical and methodological opportunities and challenges in understanding the process of starting, renewing and improvising civil society activism under difficult circumstances.

Dr Nimesh Dhungana

Lecturer in Disasters and Global Health at the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute, University of Manchester, UK

The webinar will be hosted by Professor Thea Hilhorst.

Dr Rod Mena is the moderator and PhD researcher Delu Lusambya is commentator.

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About the Hum-Gov webinar series

The Humanitarian Governance (Hum-Gov) research project explores the changing dynamics of humanitarian governance in DRC, Ethiopia and Colombia, with a focus on civil society actors and crisis-affected people.

During our monthly Hum-Gov Webinar series guest speakers will contribute with different perspectives around humanitarian governance, accountability, advocacy and alternatives.

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