The State in Relief: ‘Bringing the state back in’ to humanitarian governance

Humanitarian Governance webinar series, episode 8
PhD student

Tanja D. Hendriks

Tanja D. Hendriks is a PhD candidate at the Centre of African Studies at the University of Edinburgh and the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of Oslo.

Get to know Tanja D. Hendriks
Wednesday 16 Mar 2022, 17:00 - 18:00
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In this Humanitarian Governance webinar, Tanja D. Hendriks focuses on the role of the state in humanitarian governance.

About the presentation

Based on in-depth ethnographic fieldwork with the Department of Disaster Management Affairs in Malawi, a disaster-prone country in southern Africa, Hendriks argues that civil servants of disaster-affected states are central to relief interventions: they are key to more effective, localized and sustainable forms of disaster response and risk reduction efforts. 

Tanja D. Hendriks

Webinar hosts

Professor Thea Hilhorst is host
Dr Rodrigo Mena is moderator
Hyeonggeun Ji is commentator

More information

About the Hum-Gov webinar series

The Humanitarian Governance (Hum-Gov) research project explores the changing dynamics of humanitarian governance in DRC, Ethiopia and Colombia, with a focus on civil society actors and crisis-affected people.

During our monthly Hum-Gov Webinar series guest speakers will contribute with different perspectives around humanitarian governance, accountability, advocacy and alternatives.

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