When Disaster meets Conflict: Lessons on Disaster Governance and Humanitarian Action

Tuesday 13 Oct 2020, 00:00 - Wednesday 14 Oct 2020, 00:00


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The International Institute of Social Studies has the honor to invite you to the Online Conference ‘When Disaster meets Conflict: Lessons on Disaster Governance and Humanitarian Action’.

During this online conference, the main findings of the When Disaster Meets Conflict research project will be presented and discussed with stakeholders that are active in the Disaster-Conflict nexus.

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The conference includes closed working sessions and an open workshop.

Full details of these and registration details are available on the event web page.

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About When Disaster Meets Conflict

When disasters happen in a conflict setting, responses involve many state and non-state actors that try to reach affected populations.

  • Who are these actors and do they work together?
  • Who can affected communities trust to work for their interests?
  • How are politics interfering in their actions?

These were some of the questions which directed research during the five-year research project When Disaster Meets ConflictThe research focused on the nexus between humanitarian aid and disaster governance.

Case studies were done in high-conflict settings in Afghanistan, South Sudan and Yemen; in low-intensity conflict settings in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Myanmar, and in post-conflict settings in Nepal, Sierra Leone and Haiti.