Impact coronacrisis
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Impact coronacrisis

Rotterdam impact study COVID-19

The city of Rotterdam is currently being silenced by the coronavirus pandemic. How can Rotterdam recover from this social and economic blow in due time? How can the (future) urban resilience of Rotterdam be increased? And what opportunities are out there? The Rotterdam COVID-19 impact study, recently launched, focuses on precisely these pressing questions. This Rotterdam project is a cooperation between the City of Rotterdam and Vital Cities and Citizens, an initiative from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

From VCC, Dr. Jan Fransen (themeleader within VCC) and prof.dr. Jurian Edelenbos (academic director VCC) are the leaders of this project, and in addition several other researchers cooperate on this project, such as Dr. Naomi van Stapele, Dr. Brian Godor and Dr. Mike Duijn. They will publish a series of policy letters containing advice for municipalities.

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Vital Cities and Citizens involved in Rotterdam impact study COVID-19

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How can Rotterdam effectively recover from the corona crisis? And how can the resilience and future resilience of the city be increased? The COVID-19 impact study focuses on precisely these questions.

When breathing is political

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A plea for sustainable just cities and the right to life by dr. Flor Avelino.

Impact of COVID-19 on children depends on family context and intrapersonal characteristics


Psychologist Dr. Brian P. Godor and Dr. Ruth van der Hallen are investigating coping and resiliency in young adults during this COVID-19 pandemic.