How to submit

Authors can directly submit, edit and upload publications to their Metis profile via this link.

Your username & password for Metis are the same as for the web profiles.

We would like to invite all academic staff and PhD students to provide electronic copies of all research output to be uploaded to the repository that is currently being filled.

Using Personal Metis, publications will now appear within 24 hours after submitting them on your personal profile page at the ISS website. When you attach the full text document to your reference, the publication will also be uploaded to the EUR/ISS institutional repository RePub.

Manual for Personal Metis

Please use this User Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to submit your publications.

In some cases, you may not include the full text publication to the repository. We will make sure your article is only viewable for ISS staff and students. However, most publishers allow you to include the author’s version of your article. This version is reviewed by peers (the final author’s version), but lacks the publisher’s final editing and layout. When you also include this version of your publication, we can make it publicly available.