What is Development and Change?

Development and Change is one of the best-known and most respected international journals in the field of development studies.  

About the Development and Change

Development and Change is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal devoted to the critical analysis and discussion of current issues of development. 

The journal receives articles from all the social sciences and intellectual persuasions concerned with development. Empirical, theoretical and historical articles are all welcome.

Development and Change regularly publishes the first results of important new field-based research. The journal invites notes and comments on the articles it publishes, with the objective of stimulating informed policy and theoretical debate. 

It was established by the International Institute of Social Studies in 1969, in response to the perceived need for a multidisciplinary journal dealing with all aspects of development studies.

Editorial responsibility for Development and Change is in the hands of the Editorial Board based at ISS and supported by an international Advisory Board composed of scholars and researchers from around the world. 

Development and Change has a reputation for publishing innovative and unconventional articles and debates, as well as printing the first results of important field-based research. 

Its six issues per year include a mix of regular issues, special theme issues and the annual Forum issue.

Special theme issues

Special theme issues are collections of papers on a particular theme. They are often longer than regular issues, which gives the scope for a broader and deeper focus on the topic. Special issues are usually guest-edited. For information on how to make a special issue proposal, contact the Managing Editor, Friedl Marincowitz at marincowitz@iss.nl. The majority of theme issues are also published by Blackwell as books, in the Development and Change book series.

Forum issue

The Development and Change Forum first appeared in 2005, and is now an annual event; it is published as the first issue of each year. Its aim is to provide a state of the art review of certain aspects of development studies, with critical and provocative articles, a debate section on a selected theme, interviews with influential individuals, and assessments of the reports of some of the major international organizations, such as the World Bank and the United Nations agencies.

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