ISS cookbook

Food matters, food brings people together. This third cookbook again contains a collection of recipes showing the diversity of the cultural tapestry of the ISS population. But also the range of very different foods that people cook and eat. This time the recipes are not only from the ISS community;  we also managed to include the counterparts and a number of Erasmus University hotshots as they too belong to the ISS community now.

All proceeds from sales of the cookbooks are donated towards an ISS Cookbook Fellowship or study waiver enabling ISS to sponsor prospective students to study at ISS.

So why not order one or more of the books today and not enjoy the great diversity of ISS culinary tastes and help a student study at ISS.

How to order

The ISS cookbooks cost Euro 5,- (plus porto), the special gift box with all three cookbooks costs Euro 25,- (plus porto), and the aprons cost 15 Euro (plus porto). The aprons are available in red, blue, orange, purple and grey. The books, giftbox and aprons can be ordered through

NEW - now available as ebook !

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To order simple click on the link under the picture of the book and you will be directed to the PAYPAL / IDEAL payment service. After payment you will receive the book(s) you ordered by email.

Remember: buying an ISS cookbook helps future students !