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For ISS staff: submitting publications to Metis

Using Personal Metis, publications will now appear within 24 hours after submitting them on your personal profile page on the ISS website. When you attach the full text document to your reference, the publication will also be uploaded to the EUR/ISS institutional repository RePub.

How to submit

Authors can directly submit, edit and upload publications to their Metis profile via this link
Your username & password for Metis are the same as for the web profiles.

Personal Metis has an integrated User Guide, with instructions on how to submit your publications.

After assigning your publication the status “Published”, the publication will appear on your profile the next day and ISS Metis team will validate the publication, enrich the metadata for online visibility and make sure it complies with accreditation standards.

For any questions relating publications and Metis, please contact

Status explained:

Work in Progress

Not ready, not visible on Profile, editable by authors


Ready for validating, visible on Profile, editable by authors


Validated by Metis staff, not editable by authors

What are the benefits of submitting your articles to RePub

  • More citations. Open access to articles means that they will be read and cited more frequently. Increasingly, the Internet is becoming the primary source that people search. They will also find your publication in RePub.
  • Accessible worldwide. Publications are uniformly accessible and therefore easy to find. As part of the library, RePub utilises the most advanced technical aids for this accessibility. Because RePub dovetails with national and international standards and is part of a network of academic repositories, publications available worldwide. Via the Internet, you also contribute to the national and international ‘countenance’ of EUR, your own faculty and discipline.
  • Persistent. Your publication will receive a so-called handle. This is a persistent URL to the document, which you can use as a reference or for your publication lists on your own website.
  • Permanent storage. RePub guarantees permanent storage, in collaboration with KB’s E-depot.
  • Free of charge. Publication in RePub is free of charge for academic staff of EUR. The University Library considers this as part of the library’s standard services.
  • Quick and easy. Publishing is quick and easy.
  • Open access. Inclusion of your publications in RePub means that they will be accessible worldwide.