Budget Open Access Fund renewed

The University Library and the Medical Library have both renewed funding for Open Access publications with €120.000 for the year 2021 – a total amount of € 240.000.

This means that researchers from Erasmus University and Erasmus Medical Center may keep calling on the Erasmus Open Access Fund to have their expenses for Open Access publications (partly) reimbursed.

Erasmus University is committed to Open Science. Since 2015 EUR invests in a series of deals between the VSNU and various academic publishers which allow EUR-researchers to publish Open Access for free in thousands of journals. The journals that are part of these arrangements can be found using the Erasmus Journal Browser.

Publications in journals that are not part of these agreements are often funded by national programs or institutional, departmental and faculty funds. For EUR-researchers who do not have these financial resources to publish Open Access, the University Library launched the Erasmus Open Access Fund in 2018. Since its launch the fund has helped to publish over 200 publications Open Access.