My Account in sEURch updated

On June 20, 2020 My Account in sEURch is updated. In My Account you find the list of the books you’ve have borrowed at the moment, the option to renew your loans, and your saved searches, lists and items. When you use the old URL, you are automatically redirected to the new page:

In My Account you find five tabs:

  • Checked Out
    Here you find the list of the books you’ve borrowed at the moment: books from the EUR libraries and books borrowed via Interlibrary Loan (ILL). You can renew your loans here. It’s now possible to select multiple books to renew them at once.
  • Requested
    This list contains the books you’ve requested but not yet borrowed, books you have reserved and your ILL requests, including ILL requests done in the past year.  In this tab you can cancel reservations and requests that are not ready for pickup yet.
  • Fees
    This is an overview of the outstanding charges on the account.
  • Saved searches
    Here you can find the searches in sEURch you’ve saved, with an option to rerun the search. To be able to save a search in sEURch you have to be logged in – then the option Save Search is available on the left side of the screen, above the filters. 
    Your saved lists and saved items don’t have a specific tab: you find them in the drop-down menu behind Profile in the right upper corner.
  • Profile
    Here you can see the e-mail address the EUR libraries use to send notifications to you, for example the notification that a book is ready for pick up in the Self Service Library. These settings only apply to ILL requests.
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