New interface for sEURch

As of Monday August 2, our online catalogue sEURch has a new interface. The startpage, search results and the item details pages have been redesigned. These are the most important changes:

  • After performing a search, suggestions for additional databases are given at the bottom of the page. That can take up a lot of space . You can close that part of the screen, and the tray will not appear again during your browser session. You can reopen the tray by clicking the button with the grid in the bottom right corner.
  • Your search terms are highlighted in the results. This makes it easier to understand why a record is part of the search results. The information shown per record depends on your search terms. For example, if your search terms appear in the abstract/summary, a part of that abstract/summary is shown.
  • sEURch shows the most recent edition of a book available in our collection. When other editions or formats are available in one of our libraries, you will see a link to ‘Other Editions and Formats at Erasmus University Rotterdam’.
  • The Link and Email buttons are replaced by the Share button.
  • When you click the title of a record, you are brought to the item details page. The description of the book, journal or article is directly visible, showing for example the abstract and the subjects.
  • On the right side of the item details screen you’ll find the ‘Access options’, for example the ‘Place Hold’ button to request the book or the ‘View full text' button to go to the article online.
  • When you scroll down the item details page, the section ‘Availability of this Edition at Erasmus University Rotterdam’ shows information about the print holdings: the libraries with a copy, the location of the book and the availability. When you click ‘Other Libraries Worldwide’ you get a list of other libraries owning the same edition.
  • Even further down the page you find the Access Online part. It contains all links to the online article, e-journal, or e-book, including the ‘Report a Broken Link’ feature. If you don’t get online access, you can use that link to easily pass this on the library.

The advanced search and the My Account page where you can renew your loans, haven’t changed.


The modernized sEURch

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