Quotum Springer Nature Open Access publications will be reached soon

Contrary to what many people think, open access publishing is not free of charge. The costs are negotiated and bought off by the Dutch University Libraries so that researchers can publish Open Access in as many journals as possible, without having to pay for the publication charge themselves.

In the contract with publisher Springer Nature a yearly maximum of scientific papers that can be published in Open Access by corresponding authors of the Dutch universities and UMC’s is agreed upon. Until the maximum is reached, Dutch scientists can publish their article in Open Access without extra costs. It looks like EUR/EMC will reach their quotum at Springer Nature towards the end of November.

Other ways to publish in Open Access after the maximum is reached
If publishing Open Access without an embargo is not mandatory by your research funder, it will suffice if your Springer Nature article will be publicly available in the institutional repository after six months, following article 25fa of the Dutch copyright law. For more information, visit the UL website.

Authors that do have the obligation from their funder to publish in Open Access immediately can submit the peer reviewed author version (the accepted manuscript) in the institutional repository and make it Open Access this way. Most funders accept that.

More information

For more information, please contact openaccess.library@eur.nl.

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