Successful PhD defence by Yunan Xu

Successful PhD defence by Yunan Xu - 20 December 2018
Dr Yunan Xu

Congratulations to Yunan Xu who successfully defended her PhD thesis on The political economy of industrial tree plantations in the era of global land rush: the case of Guangxi, China.

In her thesis she explored the dynamics of the industrial tree plant sector and its expansion in Southern China.

She showed that China is both a country of origin and a destination country of foreign land investments. Her study also revealed that villagers are not necessarily excluded by a massive crop boom in their area: indeed villagers exhibit diverse adaptive livelihood responses, are affected differently by it and thus express various political reactions.

Photos and video of the defence

Take a look at some photos taken during the public defence


And below you can watch the recording of Yunan Xu's opening statement.

Yunan Xu giving her opening statement during her PhD defence

Public defence Yunan Xu