Weekly highlights: De Gruyter Books

A lot of publishers are making content available for free to help students and researchers during the current restrictions that many institutions face. Every week the ISS Library highlights one of these collections or titles while keeping current events in mind. This week's highlight: De Gruyter Books which includes many non-English language academic titles. This week we highlight three titles on refugees.  

In response to COVID-19 measures around the world, De Gruyter and its publisher partners offer digital access to the thousands of print books held in university and college libraries until June 30, 2020. An overview of the partners cooperating in this project can be found here, and includes NYU Press, ISEAS publishing, Multilingual Matters, and more. You can browse all De Gruyter Books here, which includes special access books as well as titles that are part of our permanent collection. 

What sets this collection apart of many of the other current offers is the high volume of non-English language literature. Therefor the ISS Library highlights three different titles this week, keeping in mind that last Saturday was World Refugee Day. 

  • Protection Amid Chaos: The Creation of Property Rights in Palestinian Refugee Camps. For this book, Nadya Hajj conducted interviews with two hundred refugees. Protection Amid Chaos follows people as they develop binding claims on assets and resources in challenging political and economic spaces.
  • Die Dämonisierung der Anderen: Rassismuskritik der Gegenwart. The discussion of "refugees" and "migrants" has increasingly taken on the tone of the demonisation of the imagined Other. As this is linked to the "tightening of the asylum act" and a European refugee politics that is increasingly isolationist, this demonisation also preserves material and symbolic relations of privilege. It is from this perspective that researchers come forward to speak against the hegemonic discourse.
  • Un continente en movimiento: migraciones en América Latina. Compilation of works that approach the issue of migration from different perspectives, dealing with its political, socio-economic, and identity construction or reconstruction aspects. This includes chapters on forced displacement in Colombia, and migration and political asylum in Argentina after the military coup.