Weekly highlights: The Dutch Atlantic

A lot of publishers are making content available for free to help students and researchers during the current restrictions that many institutions face. Every week the ISS Library highlights one of these collections or titles while keeping current events in mind. This week's highlight is The Dutch Atlantic : slavery, abolition and emancipation, hosted on JSTOR and EBSCOhost eBook collection

Many publishers have made their books available for free to institutional users as a response to the corona crisis. Some offer their books on multiple platforms, like JSTOR and overarching eBook platform EBSCOhost. When you find an eBook in our collection, you can check if the title is hosted on several platforms by clicking on the title details. You might find one platform easier to use or better for your needs than the other. Try it out! 

This week the Library wants to highlight a book published by Pluto Press: The Dutch Atlantic : slavery, abolition and emancipation by Kwame Nimako and Glenn Frank Walter Willemsen, hosted by JSTOR and EBSCOhost. This book interrogates the Dutch involvement in Atlantic slavery and assesses the historical consequences of this for contemporary European society. Addressing key themes such as the incorporation of the formerly enslaved into post-slavery states and contemporary collective efforts to forget and/or remember slavery and its legacy in the Netherlands, this is an essential text for students of European history and postcolonial studies. This title was chosen to commemorate Keti Koti, which marks the date that slavery was abolished in Suriname and the Dutch Antilles. Many cities host memorial events on 30 June and celebrations on 1 July in Suriname and the Antilles, as well as The Netherlands. 


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