Working and studying from home with Library resources

Creative Commons Zero - CC0

Taking the advice of the RIVM and Dutch Cabinet to heart, many staff and students are working from home. Here are some tips to ease this transition. 

When working from home, keep the following Library tips in mind:

  • Off campus access: Access licensed resources off campus via the Library websites sEURchDatabases A-Z or Guides by discipline. You will get prompted to log in with your ERNA account. You can also install the Library Access browser extension that automatically checks if the publications you are searching for online are available through a Library license or in Open Access. More information on off-campus access can be found here
  • Collaborate online: Collaborate with colleagues or classmates online. Need help? Read Working in the cloud
  • Stay up to date: After you have read up on EUR-related corona news and the Dutch RIVM news, you can stay up to date on (inter)national news by visiting the headline overviews on Factiva. Simply select News Pages > Group Pages and select a category from the left-hand dropdown menu. 
  • Take a break: Make sure to take breaks, and spend your time off on something else besides work, study and worry. For this the Library also offers many books on hobbies and personal growth. For example, the O'Reilly collection includes titles such as The Soup Book, How to Have a Great Life, and Drawing Calm. Find a variety of topics under Explore in the menu.