dr. (Arpita) A Bisht


I am a Marie-Sklodowska Curie LEaDing PostDoctoral Fellow at the ISS, Den Haag. My current postdoctoral project is titled: Theorizing a post-extractive future for India: Evidence from a meta-analysis of social resistance movements against environmental injustices at resource peripheries in India

My work focuses on environmental and social justice resistance movements and Ecological Distribution Conflicts (EDCs) generated as a result of expanding mineral commodity frontiers. My research is interdisciplinary and lies at the intersection of political ecology, ecological economics, cultural and social anthropology, human geography, human ecology, conflict studies, natural resource management, policy studies and post-growth economics. 

Given the linkages of extractivism, EDCs and growth-centric policies, particularly in the Global South, I am also interested in critical analysis of and alternatives to ongoing patterns of growth. I am particularly interested in de-growth and post-growth alternatives to work towards developing viable post-growth and post-extractive solutions to achieve socioecologically viable economic progress. 

My current primary research focus in on examining the extraction, conflicts, environmental and social injustices, and post-extractive solutions to the  expansion of extractivism of sand resources.

International Institute of Social Studies

Visiting fellow | Academic staff unit
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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  • Arpita Bisht & G Goras (1 January 2020) - Arpita Bisht: ‘Herverdelen in plaats van obsessief groeien. Lokale ontwikkeling in plaats van megasteden’

  • Arpita Bisht (2020) - New Economic Visions: Post-growth perspectives for sand futures

4390 AFES: Working towards the RP

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4229 Global Political Ecology

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Economic growth and development form the basis of over-extraction of minerals

Sand and gravel have been the fastest growing and the most volumetrically extracted material group in the 21st century. This article investigates why.
Arpita Bisht - portrait

Finding people-centred solutions to unsustainable sand extraction

Drawing on political ecology, this article looks at the social and ecological ramifications of unsustainable sand extraction.
Arpita Bisht - portrait

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