Student body

This is where our students originate from

In the past 60 years, over 13,000 students from more than 160 countries have studied at ISS. Many now hold leading positions in government, international organizations, higher education, planning agencies and non-governmental organizations. ISS students are young and mid-career professionals with an average age of 30.

There are, roughly, three groups:

  • Government officials - One third of ISS students are government officials, working at ministries or in local government, or as community development officers. Some of them are involved in making public policy, or monitoring and evaluation activities. Among these are planners, analysts and statisticians who develop models to understand processes and predict the outcome of policy measures.

  • Researchers - A second group of ISS students are typically employed as researchers in research institutes, as journalists, consultants or university lecturers. Some of these students are young graduates with relatively little work experience.

  • Civil society - The final third of ISS students work in civil society, including in international and national NGOs, community based organizations and trade unions. Some work in public health, others are involved with youth and children, and yet others provide inputs into government policies for improving people’s lives.

The diverse groups of students come together at ISS to learn together, to understand each other and to learn from each others’ perspectives and insights.