Arranging your stay

ISS does not arrange accommodation; it is your responsibility to find your own accommodation.  

The Hague is home to embassies, multinationals and institutions of higher education. This can make the search for accommodation in the city difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, it is important to start your search early and prior to arriving in The Hague. Being well prepared increases your chances.

Some things to keep in mind

  • ISS accommodation provider DUWO has dorms available for PhD candidates between January-August.

    Researchers can reside temporarily in these dorms. The length of your stay in the dorm depends on when you move in.

    For example, if you move in in January then you can stay in the dorm for the full eight months until August. However, if you move in in July you can stay in the dorm for less than two months.

    This way the dorms can be used as a landing point, offering researchers a chance to settle in to The Hague before finding more permanent accommodation.

    Please keep in mind that due to safety considerations, children cannot stay in the dorms.

  • Are you arriving in the period September-December? Or would you rather not make use of the DUWO dorms?

    Then look for accommodation on the private housing market. ISS has a list of suggestions and housing agencies/providers on the private market and suggestions for temporary accommodation for short stay.

    • Don’t be too picky! There is a shortage of accommodation in The Hague, so you may need to lower your demands for the room/apartment. Keep in mind that after you have arrived in the Netherlands you can always look for another room/apartment but make sure that you have accommodation to start with.
    • Housing in The Hague is not cheap – rents can vary between €500 and €1200 per month – and additional costs (electricity, water, gas, municipal taxes) are not always included!
    • Accommodation is harder to find in the months leading up to the start of a new academic year (September).
    • In which area of The Hague would you like to live? Here are some suggestions: The Hague neighbourhoods.
    • It can be difficult to find accommodation in The Hague. Broaden your options by looking in neighbouring municipalities
    • You might be obliged to pay a refundable deposit of two months rent.
  • Not all housing agents or landlords can be trusted.

    If you have any doubts concerning your rental agreement, strange fees or the landlord’s behaviour, please reach out to

  • Send out as many enquiries as you can. Have you find 20 suitable offers? Reach out to them all!

    Take a look at our suggestions for renting on the private market or finding temporary accommodation.

  • Before signing anything, don’t forget to go over the legal aspects about what to look for in a contract.

    Do you have questions about the contract, your rights as a tenant or the rules and regulations?

    Feel free to contact the Housing hotline or for advice.