ISS Research Partners

International students' day The Hague - 2008

ISS Research Partners

Over the years, the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) has concluded several agreements for international cooperation with institutes in both developed and developing countries. The Institute has always propagated the South-South-North type of relationship. 

    Engagement and impact

    ISS engages with a growing number of research networks with academics and activists from around the world. Under the auspices of these global networks, they undertake joint activities in teaching, research, and policy analysis and the organization of international conferences and workshops.

    Through institutional development projects, ISS supports partner institutes in developing countries and transition economies in strengthening teaching and research capacity.

    Joint Teaching Programmes

    ISS also offers various joint programmes with academic partners all over the world. In some programmes students take part of the programme elsewhere and part of the programme at ISS in The Hague. In other programmes ISS staff travel to the partner institute for contribute to teaching.