Admission and supervision

Those who are interested to apply for the joint programme will be asked to submit: (1) their CV, (2) a letter of motivation for the joint programme, (3) two academic references and (4) a draft research proposal. Applications for the joint programme should be sent to the joint steering committee, which includes representatives from both institutions.

The joint steering committee will then make a pre-selection.

Deadline for applications:  

Applicants who are invited by the steering committee to apply for the joint programme will then be required to satisfy the full admission requirements for doctoral candidates at each participating institution and will at that point receive instructions for doing so.

Upon successful admission to the joint programme, each candidate will be designated at least two academic supervisors, one based at Wits, the other at ISS. Supervision will take place through a combination of in-person and Skype meetings and other forms of digital communication.

* Candidates may be exempted from the 1st requirement, especially if they fall within the first profile.

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