Candidate profiles

There are two, anticipated profiles of candidates who are admissible to the joint programme. 

The first profile

The second profile

Candidates who are currently enrolled in the Wits School of Law, have had their research design approved, are employed in a teaching and/or research function at Wits, and wish to extend their programme to a joint degree.

These candidates can apply for mobility fellowships to spend a period of time at ISS (up to six months), including travel, accommodation in ISS graduate student accommodation and living expenses.

The purpose of these fellowships is to allow candidates to interact with the research community at ISS and elsewhere in the Netherlands, to present their research at seminar(s) and to write-up their findings and analysis.

Entry-level PhD candidates who have applied, or who are contemplating applying to the Wits PhD programme in the School of Law, and whose design still needs to be approved by their Wits supervisor.

These candidates can apply for a scholarship, or one of the available inception fellowships for a maximum period of six months research stay in the Netherlands.

These fellowships will cover course fees, travel to and from South Africa, a room in ISS graduate student accommodation and a modest living allowance.

It is expected that most candidates will return to Wits at the end of the fellowship.

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