Links to teaching

  • The Economics of Development (ECD) Major provides students with the theoretical knowledge, policy awareness, and analytical techniques to tackle many of the key issues facing their countries in respect of economic development and economic policy analysis.

    We integrate macroeconomic issues with the underlying microeconomic processes, emphasizing the importance of, on the one hand, the global economic environment and, on the other hand, domestic institutions, regulatory frameworks and socio-economic groups.

  • We pay particular attention to the impact of international and domestic economic policies on growth, poverty and income distribution in developing countries, and seeks to bring out the fundamental linkages between economic growth, human development and natural resource management.

Double Degree

  • The ECD Major is also offered as part of a Double Degree programme with the University of Indonesia, where the first year of studies is at the University of Economics in Indonesia, and some of the courses comprising the MA are offered as part of collaborative MAs in Vietnam (with the University of Economics, Ho Chi Minh City, and the National University, Hanoi) and Suriname (the Lim A Po Institute).

Research-lead teaching

  • Our teaching is research-led. We teach what we do and our research interests shape the teaching programme. Supervisors have a history of actively integrating PhD and excellent MA students into research projects and staff is substantially involved in the national research school CERES and in supervision at ISS and other universities. We take pride in the fact that major contributions to our research programme have been (co-) authored with current and former PhD and MA students.