Migration, gender and social justice

A project of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), in collaboration with the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

    About the project (2010-2013)

    Diverse realities and disciplinary entry points into migration, as a complex research field with many interfaces, have meant that the knowledge gained so far is often fragmented. Policy research on women’s rights in migration has brought to the fore the multiple facets of gender discrimination, but studies lack a systemic perspective.

    Achieving gender equality in migration as a policy objective needs the support of a deepened understanding about the intersection between multiple power structures (gender, class, ethnicity and age), and how this intersection can produce different experiences regarding identity formation, marginalization and social exclusion.

    Connecting communities of researchers and practitioners can help promote a more holistic understanding and concerted action. IDRC-funded migration research projects, covering several regions under the Women and Citizenship Programme (2006-2009), provide an excellent opportunity to build these connections and make collaboration beneficial to policy.

    This project proposed an interdisciplinary approach to connect the different facets of gender in migration.

    The project's primary aims were:

    • To support these projects in deepening the analysis of the data gathered and insights gained, and to compare realities manifest in the regional contexts
    • To discern differences and commonalities with regard to political and cultural configurations of identities in migration, institutionalized violation of rights, measures of negotiation and rights claims
    • To translate research findings into co-authored publications for educational purpose and into policy briefs for a critical engagement with policy making bodies
    • Through knowledge exchange and the sharing of practical experiences (methodology of research, advocacy and right-claiming action) the project also seeks to foster cross-regional collaboration in the long-term.

    Project publications

    Team members

    Dr Thanh-Dam Truong (team leader)

    Professor Des Gasper (team member)

    Dr Jeff Handmaker (team member)

    Dr Sylvia Bergh (team member)

    Ms. Maria DeVargas Ortiz (project/research officer)

    David Wubs (project manager)