Social Justice Week

Research and reflections towards a just future

Connecting social justice to the latest research at ISS

Today brings us to the end of #SocialJusticeWeek, where we brought to you a selection of reflections and insights from researchers and students at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), on forging pathways towards achieving social justice.

ISS offers a direct response to global issues such as poverty, inequality, migration, conflict and ecology through our Global Development & Social Justice research programme. Showcased below are four new research projects that address our research themes by critically engaging with the roots of these issues and policy responses to growing inequalities.

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Day 5: Itayosara Rojas and Kanae Inage

Day 5 | ISS student and PhD researcher on social justice

Here we are in conversation with Itayosara Rojas, a PhD Researcher at ISS and Kanae Inage, a current student of the MA Human Rights, Gender and Conflict Studies programme. When asked about her thoughts on social justice, Kanae points out the vital need to “give more equitable or equally distributed opportunities to everyone”. Itayosara, who works on a project analyzing how the contemporary global commodity/land rushes (re)shape the politics of climate change, labour, and, state-citizenship relations, tells us how there is a “necessary shift from market-oriented solutions toward social justice-oriented policies”.

Day 4 | Dr Otieno Ong'ayo on project 'OKP Benin'

Dr Otieno Ong'ayo, an academic researcher at ISS, tells us that social justice involves "deep listening" and understanding of communities to "ensure that their voices are amplified". Hear more about his work on the new latest project OKP Benin, led by Dr Auma Okwany, to improve educational institutions and partner organizations' capacity in sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) education for the inclusion of young people in Benin. 

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Day 3 | Dr Daphina Misiedjan on project 'Legal Mobilization: Analyzing law-based advocacy'

According to Daphina Misiedjan, Assistant Professor, social justice doesn't only extend to the rights of individuals, but also communities: "It means that communities and individuals get what they need in order to develop themselves without having any type of historical boundaries or having to face marginalisation". Misiedjan takes us through her current project Legal Mobilization: Analyzing law-based advocacy and its connection to climate justice.

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Day 2 | Professor Wil Hout on project 'ADAPTED'

Wil Hout, Professor of Governance and International Political Economy, tell us that social justice is about equal access, "irrespective of where you live and of your background". Hout shares more about his role as local project leader for the research project Eradicating Poverty: Pathways towards achieving the SDGs (ADAPTED)

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Day 1 | Professor Thea Hilhorst on project 'Humanitarian Governance'

For Thea Hilhorst, Professor of Humanitarian Studies, social justice aims to overcome "who can speak and who has influence”. We sat down to discuss her latest European Research Council funded project Humanitarian Governance (HUM-GOV), which undertakes research with a focus on how civil society actors and crisis-affected people shape humanitarian governance through accountability and advocacy.

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