Staff Publications

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Authors present their publications


Transforming the Frontier: Peace Parks & the Politics of Neoliberal Conservation (2013) 


Development Transitions: Land, Labor and Social Policy in Tibet (2012) 


Women Reclaiming Sustainable Livelihoods: Spaces Lost, Spaces Gained (2012) 


Political Economy of Human Rights: Rights, Realities and Realization (2011) 


Value Chains, Inclusion and Economic Development: Contrasting Theories and Realities (2011) 


Corruption, Development and the Environment (2011) 


Hague Journal of Diplomacy


Employment, Inequality and Globalization: A Continuous Concern (2011)


Financial Performance of Small Farmers Cooperative Limited in Nepal (2010)

  • Dr. Purushottam Shrestha
  • Published by Oriental Publication, Kathmandu
  • ISBN 9789937221870

On The Brink Of De-globalization (2010)


Economic Diplomacy And The Geography Of International Trade (2010)


The Gravity Model in International Trade: Advances and Applications (2010)