'Can we have democracy without political parties?'

Start date
Tuesday, 21 March 2017, 16:00
End date
Tuesday, 21 March 2017, 17:30
Aula ISS

Debate organized jointly by SID-NL, NIMD and ISS as part of the 'Doing democracy differently' debate series

Society for International Development-NL (SID-NL), Netherlands Institute for Multi-Party Democracy (NIMD) and ISS are organizing a debate 'Can we have democracy without political parties?'

This debate is part of a series on ‘doing democracy differently’. The debate initiative is partly responding to the emergence of populism everywhere which seems to downplay the role of parties, and partly to explore new ways of ‘doing democracy’ outside the realm of the (established) political parties.

The first debate of this series will explore whether or not  parties are the appropriate channels for democratic governance. Do we really need them? And if not, what are the alternatives?

Joining the debate

We will explore these questions with three special guests:

The debate will end with a special performance by political choir Jan en Alleman!

Admission and registration

Admission: €7,50 (including a drink) – free for students and SID members

Registration link:

Publication date: 14 March 2017