Guaranteed housing

ISS offers housing to all MA students for the first 12 months of the study period during which classes take
place: we have reserved dorms in 4 student residences. When available, rooms will also be offered to visiting researchers and other visitors. The residences Dorus Rijkersplein and Bazarlaan are serviced and contracted by DUWO. The other two residences, Buitenom and Gondelstraat, are temporarily serviced by ISS itself.


Living together with your fellow students provides an excellent opportunity to get to know each other well and to build solid, often lifelong, friendships. Moreover, it enhances the overall academic community and enables you to immediately focus on your studies without having to worry about housing.

Rental period

MA students - The rental period for MA students has a fixed start and end date. You can choose two dates to start renting a room in September (1 or 15 September). The 12-month tenancy agreement ends in the last week of August of the following year. Extension of the agreement is only possible on the basis of availability. ISS will inform you in a timely manner when to apply for an extension and under which conditions.

Some scholarship programmes include guaranteed housing for the entire study period: Students with a NFP, WDS, Stuned or Dreilinden scholarship get a tenancy agreement for one of the dorms for the full duration of the programme.

PhD researchers - If accommodation is available, the rental period for PhD researchers, visiting researchers and other visitors can start at any time throughout the academic year. It has also a fixed start and end date, but with the possibility of extension on basis of availability.

Cancelation of tenancy agreement

All dorms are available on a fixed-term tenancy only, meaning that the tenancy agreement cannot be terminated prematurely.

For MA students: Cancellation of the tenancy agreement is only possible in the event of the premature cancellation of the programme and with permission of the EUR ISS Housing Team.

For PhD researchers: Cancellation of the tenancy agreement is only possible in the event the researcher has to leave the Netherlands for research related purposes and with permission of the EUR ISS Housing Team.