Accommodation offered

ISS offers four different type of accommodation for you to choose from. Dorus, Bazarlaan, Gondelstraat and Buitenom. Two of the accommodations, Dorus and Bazarlaan are taken care by DUWO (Dutch student housing corporation) and the other two are taken care by ISS itself. All accommodation offered by ISS meets the same basic quality standards. They vary in terms of location, size and atmosphere.

Two residences are located next to the ISS (Dorus & Bazarlaan) and the other two within 7-15 minutes cycling or public transport.

The fully furnished rooms are for single occupancy only and include a kitchen and other common areas shared with one or more ISS students. We have of few bigger rooms who are primarily intended for couples. A linen set, blanket and pillow will be waiting for you upon arrival. On the inventory list you can see what furniture is available in your room. All residences have laundry facilities.

Dorus Rijkersplein (“Dorus”)

A modern residence located right behind the ISS building, a 2-minute walk away. This residence accommodate 125 single rooms and 10 double rooms (intended for couples). All rooms have their own bathroom, and a shared kitchen for 5-8 rooms. There is a common room where you can watch TV and relax, and a laundry room.

Bazarlaan (“Bazar”)

Another modern residence and like residence Dorus Rijkersplein located just behind the ISS building, a 2-minute walk away. This residence accommodate 57 single rooms. All rooms have their own bathroom, and share the kitchen with 3-4 rooms. The common room, as well as the laundry room, is located in “Dorus”.



This residence is located in Scheveningen, near the seaside. It is 3,4 km from the ISS, 15 minutes by bike or public transport. A bit further away from ISS, but near the boulevard and beach (500 metres). This residence accommodates 29 single rooms. All rooms share a bathroom with 2 other rooms and the large kitchen facilities with 14 rooms. Students share a common room where they can watch TV and relax. This residence has a big courtyard/garden. A laundry room is available.



This residence is located in a 19th century building very close to the city centre. It is 1,9 km from the ISS, 7 minutes by bike or a 22-minute walk. This residence accommodates 11 single rooms.  All rooms share the bathroom and kitchen facilities. There is a nice courtyard/garden and a laundry room is available.