Rental prices

The rent is between € 374,89 – € 532,50* per month for a single room. This includes:

  • furniture,
  • linen set, blanket and pillow,
  • fully-equipped kitchen,
  • internet access,
  • electricity, water and heating, insurances and municipal taxes.

* Price will be adjusted to inflation as of July 2017

We often hear that students think that our rental prices are rather high, because they compare these prices with the rent of a “standard” student room. But those dorms are not furnished and do not include all the additional costs. We can assure you ISS is not making any profit in student housing.

Room type Size

Max. rental price per month

for 2017-2018

Bazarlaan, single 16 m2/ 21 m2 € 532.50
Dorus Rijkersplein, single 16 m2 / 20 m2

€ 532.50

Dorus Rijkersplein, double 31 m2 / 32 m2 € 652.75
Gondelstraat, single 11.3 m2 - 20.6 m2 € 511.48
Buitenom, single 12 m2 - 15 m2 € 428.02


Furthermore, a one-time administration fee of € 100 is applicable. This fee covers a part of the costs related to processing the housing request, drawing up the tenancy agreement and preparing the room.