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ISS aims to promote social justice and equity on a global level. As a member of the Erasmus University,  ISS strives to seek academic excellence. 

University rankings indicate how well a university performs in comparison to other universities in the country, continent and globally. Each ranking systems uses its own methods to determine the best universities.

QS Top University Rankings      
QS Top University Rankings: Erasmus University      


2016 8    
2017 8    
2018 8    
 QS Top University ranking by subject: ISS Development Studies      
Year Worldwide Europe
2017 30 11
2016 51-100 24
QS Top University ranking by Field of study: Social Sciences and Management      
Year Netherlands    
2017 1    
2016 2    
CWUR Ranking      
CWUR National Rankings: Erasmus University      
Year Netherlands    
2016 2    
Times Higher Education Ranking (THE)      
THE National & Worldwide Ranking: Erasmus University      
Year Netherlands   World
2017 4   69
2016 6   71
CWTS Leiden Ranking      
CWTS Ranking by Field of Study: Social Sciences and Humanities      
Year Netherlands Europe World
2016 4 9 35
Ranking Web of Universities      

National Ranking: Erasmus University

Year Netherlands    
2017 8    

Facts & Figures

Alumni network of 13000 professionals


 MA student numbers by continent 2016/2017


 MA student gender 2016/2017


 MA student numbers by Major and Mundus MAPP programme 

SJP - Social Justice Perspectives
AFES - Agrarian, Food and Environment Studies
ECD - Economics of Development
GDP - Governance and Development Policy
SJP - Social Justice Perspectives
Mundus MAPP - Mundus MA in Public Policy

Total number of students

MA student scholarship numbers

These are the main scholarships that students are awarded to study at ISS. There are also other scholarships available. For more information, please visit the ISS Scholarship Database.