Scholas committees






Arts Committee

Maria De La Luz Chimal Legorreta

Oleksandra Pravednyk

Ampassacha Rakkhumkaeo

To encourage and stimulate artistically inclined participants to pursue and display their inclinations and talents, in all possible artistic fields.


Editorial Committee

Pallavi Karnatak



To publish a quarterly journal through which all members may express their views and opinions and provide a medium through which short literary endevours of the participants may be published.


Joseph Edward Alegado

Raul Fernandez Barrigas

Aneesh Correa

To promote environmental awareness within the ISS community.


Gender Committee

Azucena Del Rosario Gollaz Moran

Ipsita Uppal

Diana Donaji Baldenebro Alcalde

To promote gender sensitivity within the ISS, to organize programs, workshops and other events towards this end; to address and intervene in problems and concerns of a gendered nature that occurred in the ISS; to promote awareness of women’s issues in particular, but also of the ways in which men and women are affected by events that occur locally and outside the ISS.

Housing and Welfare

Jack Tracy Mullan

Claudia Vanessa Perez Lamas

Xuewei Li

To enhance and maintain the provisions of housing and welfare facilities offered by the ISS.

International Relations Committee

Anthony Rolando Medina Rivas Plata


Ana Sofia Castillo Chavez


Pamela Soberanis Díaz

Meron Endale Hailu


Sheriff Tabba


To promote understanding among the various nationalities represented in the ISS, and increase awareness of the achievements, concerns, problems and current issues of the various countries represented at the ISS.

Social Committee

Parthasarathy Thirumalai Govindan

Camilo Andres Enciso Zurita

Maria Belen Giaquinta

To promote social, cultural and leisure activities for the members; to promote interaction at a social level with students of other educational institutions in the Netherlands.


Siddharth Dhote
Raul Fernandez Barrigas

Maria Belen Giaquinta

To organize and encourage sports activities among the members of SCHOLAS as well as with participants of other educational institutions in The Netherlands.


Momoka Ishida

Herwina Dian Aprilia

Priscila Shizuko Kinoshita




Representative committees

Students are also represented on ISS policy committees and have regular meetings with the ISS Institute Board to ensure that the student voice is heard.

Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC)

Ahmod Shah


Renan Alejandro Salvador Lozano Cuervo


Aishwarya Pothula

Institute Council (IC)

Shikha Sethia


Christoper Ogwang