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D&C Annual Lecture 2016

'After development: surplus population and the politics of entitlement'

Development and Change Annual Lecture delivered by Professor Tania Li at the Development Studies Association conference in Oxford, UK in October 2016.

Interview: After development: surplus population and the politics of entitlement

Professor Tania Li in conversation with Murat Arsel, co-chair, Development and Change.


Current issue

Development and Change



Volume 48, Number 4 July 2017


Hildebrandt, Timothy and Chua, Lynette

Negotiating In/visibility: The Political Economy of Lesbian Activism and Rights Advocacy

Kaltenbrunner, Annina & Lysandrou, Photis

The US Dollar’s Continuing Hegemony as an International Currency: A Double Matrix Analysis

Afroz, Sharmin; Cramb, Rob and Grunbuhel, Clemens        

Exclusion and Counter-Exclusion: The Struggle over Shrimp Farming in a Coastal Village in Bangladesh

Alford, Barrientos and Visser, Margareet

Multi-scalar Labour Agency in Global Production Networks: Contestation and Crisis in the South African Fruit Sector

Borooah, Vani           

Caste and Regional Influences on the Practice of ‘Untouchability’ in India

Nyiri, Pal                                                        

South-South? Culture Talk, The Spectre of Socialism, and Labour Relations at Chinese-Owned Factory in Hungary

Arnold, Dennis and Campbell, Stephen                    

Labour regime transformation in Myanmar
Review essays  

Engelbert Stockhammer     

Branko Milanovic’s Long Waves in Income Distribution and Growth

Charles Hale and Tathagatan Ravindran

Rethinking the Left in the Wake of the Global ‘Trumpian’ Backlash

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