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D&C Annual Lecture 2016

'After development: surplus population and the politics of entitlement'

Development and Change Annual Lecture delivered by Professor Tania Li at the Development Studies Association conference in Oxford, UK in October 2016.

Interview: After development: surplus population and the politics of entitlement

Professor Tania Li in conversation with Murat Arsel, co-chair, Development and Change.


Current issue

Development and Change



Volume 48, Number 2 March 2017

Paulo L. dos Santos and Ingrid Harvold Kvangraven

Better Than Cash, But Beware the Costs: Electronic Payments Systems and Financial Inclusion in Developing Countries

Maira Emy Reimao and Emcet O. Tas

Gender Education Gaps among Indigenous and Non-indigenous Groups in Bolivia

Rebecca Tapscott

The Government Has Long Hands: Institutionalized Arbitrariness and Local Security Initiatives in Gulu, Northern Uganda
Anna Macdonald

Transitional Justice and Political Economies of Survival in Post-Conflict Northern Uganda

Nicholas Nisbett A Narrative Analysis of the Political Economy Shaping Policy on Child Undernutrition in India
Rajiv Verma, Saurabh Gupta and Regina Birner Can Grassroots Mobilisation of the Poorest Reduce Corruption? A Tale of Governance Reforms and Struggle against Petty Corruption in Bihar, India
J. Devika Surviving in Contemporary Kerala India: Reflections from Recent Research in a Fisher Village
Review essays  

Arif Dirlik

Neoliberal Socialism/Global Capitalism: Boom and Gloom in China Watching

Sian Sullivan

On ‘Natural Capital’, ‘Fairy Tales’ and Ideology

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