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D&C Annual Lecture 2016

'After development: surplus population and the politics of entitlement'

Development and Change Annual Lecture delivered by Professor Tania Li at the Development Studies Association conference in Oxford, UK in October 2016.

Interview: After development: surplus population and the politics of entitlement

Professor Tania Li in conversation with Murat Arsel, co-chair, Development and Change.


Current issue

Development and Change



Volume 48, Number 1 January 2017

Thomas Goda, Özlem Onaran and Engelbert Stockhammer

Income Inequality and Wealth Concentration in the Recent Crisis

Cheryl McEwan, Emma Mawdsley, Glenn Banks and Regina Scheyvens

Enrolling the Private Sector in Community Development: Magic Bullet or Sleight of Hand?

Shahar Hameiri and Lee Jones

Beyond Hybridity to the Politics of Scale: International Intervention and ‘Local’ Politics

Clemens Greiner

Pastoralism and Land-Tenure Change in Kenya: The Failure of Customary Institutions

Youjin Brigitte Chung

Engendering the New Enclosures: Development, Involuntary Resettlement and the Struggles for Social Reproduction in Coastal Tanzania

Hagar ElDidi and Esteve Corbera

A Moral Economy of Water: Charity Wells in Egypt’s Nile Delta

Randa Alami

Health Financing Systems, Health Equity and Universal Health Coverage in Arab Countries

Review essays  

Marcel van der Linden

Is Capitalism’s Collapse Coming?

Rhoda Reddock

South Asian Plantation Histories and their Enduring Legacies: Indian and Atlantic Ocean Connections

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