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D&C Annual Lecture 2016

'After development: surplus population and the politics of entitlement'

Development and Change Annual Lecture delivered by Professor Tania Li at the Development Studies Association conference in Oxford, UK in October 2016.

Interview: After development: surplus population and the politics of entitlement

Professor Tania Li in conversation with Murat Arsel, co-chair, Development and Change.


Current issue

Development and Change



Volume 48, Number 3 May 2017

Lotte Danielsen

Enforcing ‘Progress’: The Story of an MDG 5 Indicator and Maternal Health in Malawi
Annina Kaltenbrunner and Juan Pablo Painceira The Impossible Trinity: Inflation Targeting, Exchange Rate Management and Open Capital Accounts in Emerging Economies 
Elise Klein

The World Bank on Mind, Behaviour and Society

Keeti Roelen 

Monetary and Multidimensional Child Poverty: A Contradiction in Terms?

Andrea Purdekova 

Respacing for Peace? Resistance to Integration and the Ontopolitics of Rural Planning in Post-War Burundi
Jacob Ricks Sector-Specific Development and Policy Vulnerability in the Philippines

Alice Beban       

From Force to Legitimation: Rethinking Land Grabs in Cambodia
Review essays  

Sheila Jasanoff      

A History of Scales and the Scales of History

Ronnie Lipschutz

Can Climate Change Us?

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